Barcelona presidential election could be put back to the middle of April

The elections at FC Barcelona are scheduled for Jan. 24 but that date is currently up in the air after the Catalan government extended the restrictions currently in place in the region until Jan. 24.

The government are also due to rule on the elections for Catalan Parliament on Friday, which are slated for Feb. 14, but likely to be postponed. Common sense, therefore, would suggest Barça’s election of a new president will also be delayed.

However, Barça will have the final say, as the Catalan Minister for Health Alba Verges revealed on Thursday.

It’s likely the Catalan elections are moved to May and, keeping the same distance, Barça could move their election to the middle or end of April.

Even before Josep Maria Bartomeu’s resignation in April, Barça were due to hold an election for a new president in March.

The problem with Jan. 24 is the safety of the voters, with restrictions on movement making it difficult for all club members to make it to a polling station

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