Highest Paid Football Athletes 2020/2021

Lionel Messi

When you talk about highest paid football athletes, it’s always Messi is the richest. No! it’s Ronaldo!

So argues been in an ever-surprising 2020 that has seen Ronaldo being the highest paid footballer at one point, and all of a sudden, recent data gathered by Forbes Staff, Christina Settimi shows that Messi tops Ronaldo on the list of highest paid football athletes.

Ronaldo though still topples Messi in the Business World and Endorsements deals.

Messi and Ronaldo aren’t the only football highest paid athletes, so where do so many other star players, the likes of Neymar Junior, Kylian Mbappe, Paul Pogba, Robert Lewandowski, David De Gea, Mohamed Salah, Gareth Bale, Antoine Griezmann, Sergio Ramos, Andres Iniesta, Mesut Ozil, Alexis Sanchez. Where exactly do they stand in the top ten list of the highest paid athletes?

Here is the list of highest paid football athletes

10. DAVID DE GEA – $27 million
David De Gea
Salary: $24 million
Endorsements:$3 million

The highest paid goalie in the world. Unbelievable, right?

David De Gea is no doubt a one-time world best keeper who is presently struggling to recapture some of his top form that made him the most revered goalkeeper albeit during Manuel Neuer’s run of poor form and injury. It seems that top goalkeepers do have a run of patchy form in their career.

Nonetheless, the present contract sees him get a staggering £375,000 weekly. A salary that was deserved as at that time when he was Manchester United Best player. Soon enough, we might get to know whether he deserves to retain the No.1 spot due to pressure from the young promising goalie, Dean Henderson.

9. ROBERT LEWANDOWSKI – $28 million
Robert Lewandowski
Salary: $24 million
Endorsements: $4 million

Many football lovers’ best player of the year. With a staggering 55 goals in 47 games, Lewandowski finished the 2019/2020 season as the highest goalscorer and winner of a treble. In the UEFA Champions League, he scored 15 goals in just 11 games.

That said, his salary shows or proves just how important and how much quality he brings to the already star-studded Bayern Munich team.

8. GARETH BALE – $29 million
Gareth Bale
Salary: $23 million
Endorsements: $6 million

Wales’ unofficially most famous football star and four-time UEFA Champions League winner earns wages that justify his importance during the recent golden years of Real Madrid. He is the scorer of the winning goal in two of their last four UEFA Champions League trophy wins.

The negative impact injuries have had on his career can’t be overemphasized. Together with his offield interest in golf and the hyping of anything negative about him by the Spanish media, that results in a case scenario we have now, where some Madrid fans wanted him sold.

Nevertheless, his contract reflects his former status at Real Madrid(£600,000 per week), he was Real Madrid’s second to last Galactico(before Eden Hazard).

7. ANTOINE GRIEZMANN – $33 million
Antoine Griezmann
Salary: $28 million
Endorsements: $5 million

So hot was French Superstar, Antoine Griezmann that Barcelona publicly courted him for two seasons!

Yes, he was that good. Athletico Madrid had to file a case against Barcelona for this same issue.

Switch to 2020, and you might be wondering if he was worth it. Maybe he still is. The problem has been how well can he adapt to a difficult and different Barcelona team.

6. PAUL POGBA – $34 million
Paul Pogba
Salary: $28 million
Endorsements: $6 million

Still, Manchester United record signing, the former Juventus star earns amounts that justify his former status at Juventus, not so much his present status at Manchester United (many may argue).

The World Cup winner and Integral member of the France national team earn second only to David De Gea at Manchester United in terms of salary.

Another factor that seems to work against him is his injury record at Manchester United.

5. MOHAMED SALAH – $37 million
Mohamed Salah
Salary: $24 million
Endorsements: $13 million

Still a Premier League player with the highest goal involvements(115 in 131 appearances)ever since his arrival. Ever since his arrival, he has won 2 English Premier League’s Highest Goalscorer award in just 3 seasons.

The world-class Egyptian earns amounts that justify his performances(goal-minded) and fame. He has scored 84 goals and provided 31 assists in just 131 games for Liverpool in the English Premier League.

4. KYLIAN MBAPPE – $42 million
highest paid footballer
Kylian Mbappe
Salary: $28 million
Endorsements: $14 million

French wonderkid and P.S.G star, World Cup winner, 2019/2020 Ligue One Highest Goalscorer… The list doesn’t seem to end for the young talented hardworking Kylian Mbappe.

Since he was signed from Monaco at the end of the 2016/2017 season, the Speedster is increasingly making his mark in the world of football.

3. NEYMAR JUNIOR – $96 million
highest paid athletes
Neymar Junior
Salary: $78 million
Endorsements: $18 million

Super talented yet controversial Brazilian Superstar, Neymar Junior takes up the third spot as the only player making amounts near Ronaldo’s and Messi’s in football. The debate about Neymar has never been about his quality, surprisingly, it’s about his commitment or simply put his availability to play, as he picks up injuries in what you can call seasonally. Recently, his offield issues have largely died down and he is beginning to prove his worth and justify the world-record $263 million fees used to sign him.

2. CRISTIANO RONALDO – $117 million
Highest Paid Football Athletes
Salary: $70 million
Endorsements: $47 million

Arguably the most complete finisher football has ever seen(over 100 goals each by his head and weaker foot), fitness maverick, and Portuguese Superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo no doubt has for years together with Lionel Messi been football top earners.

It is a wage fitting to one of the Sport’s greatest in the 21st century with an astonishing 5 Ballon d’Or.
However, in 2019 and 2020, he has lost the spot of being the highest paid (not sure that it would bother him anyway).
to Lionel Messi.

1. LIONEL MESSI – $126 million
Highest Paid Football Athletes
Lionel Messi
Salary: $92 million
Endorsements: $34 million

Arguably the best-left foot football has ever seen, Magician Lionel Messi is the highest paid footballer on the planet. His paycheck seemingly increasing as Barcelona rely more on him. One can argue that he is the single most important football player for a single club before the 2020/2021 season(he may still be anyway).

Some Reports claim that his paycheck toppled Ronaldo’s after the transfer saga which saw Messi wanting to leave on a free transfer!

Well, Sergio Ramos, Mesut Ozil, Alexis Sanchez, and Andres Iniesta didn’t make it to the top ten list but are notable top earners as well.
All earnings stated above are pre-tax earnings.

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