Was Bayern Munich Really Wronged at the 2020 FIFA Best Awards?

Bayern Munich celebrating their 2019/20 UCL triumph

We all thought that 2020 was Bayern Munich’s right? Well, Fifa Awards doesn’t seem to completely agree. But is Fifa 2020 Awards right in its decisions?

For the best part, Lewandowski deserved the Best Player award as he scored 60 goals in just 52 matches. That was 20 goals more than the nearest other players (Ronaldo and immobile – 40).

Robert Lewandowski
2019/20 Season

At least statistically, he was far ahead of every other player as far the period in question is concerned.

Ok, all others, like Kimmich, Thiago, Alphonso Davies earned their place in the Best Eleven. As all other star performers had lengthy injuries or simply were competing against consistent world-class players. The likes of Messi, Ronaldo, Van Dijk, Ramos, etc.

Is The Best Awards FIFA’S Decision?

No man is perfect, so likewise no organization is perfect either, because it’s made up of man, but we will keep on trying to reach a certain degree that looks close to perfection.

Joshua Kimmich
Rightfully voted into the Best Eleven

FIFA Best Awards are not just given by FIFA alone, it is decided by a voting system. The voting system is made up of FIFA Legends and Registered users from around the world.

One can’t question the caliber of personalities chosen to be FIFA Legends. They are generally people with a lot of understanding about the game probably more than most of us who have never been real Professional footballers.

Alphonso Davies
Rightfully recognized for his brilliant performances

This may be the reason behind some votes that we can’t just believe because the stats say otherwise. Stats don’t show everything though it tries to. What one sometimes consider as special, another may see as stupid or just normal.

These people have their different views and understanding of football albeit they all love the game.

Sometimes though, emotions can affect decision-making.

Thiago Alcantara
Rightfully Recognized at the Best Awards

So basically, all am saying is that it’s about the people voting, their differences in opinion. That should be the reason for the votes in the first place, to get people with different opinions and find out which ones are commoner.

The timeline considered for the voting is July 20, 2019, to October 7, 2020.

Now, let’s look into some final decisions that seemed unfair!

1. Hansen Flick Not The Best Manager?

Bayern Munich Early Season Form

Am not sure that many people remember that Bayern was thrashy early last season under former manager, Niko Kovac. Bayern Munich was languishing in 4th place albeit because of a good goal difference, it could have been 6th!

That though doesn’t seem to be the main reason behind his sack. The team generally was playing bad according to their standards.

They were not convincing enough in winning games most times and then the last piece of the jigger saw was on 2nd November, a 5-1 loss (Boateng had a 9th-minute red card) to Eintrach Frankfurt, Kovac’s former team. The dismissal was prompt as he was discharged on the 3rd of November 2019.

That loss proved too bitter to swallow and presently, it seems to have been the right decision. Assistant manager, Hans-Dieter “Hansen” Flick was handed the job and almost everyone didn’t bath an eyebrow.

It seemed as if the eraof Bayern Munich’s dominance would end. That Bayern was merely playing a survivor game just to see out the season. How wrong we were!

Flick’s Reign

Hans-Dieter “Hansen” Flick
Bayern Munich Present Manager

Flick’s first series of fixtures as the new manager wasn’t anywhere near comfortable. First, he will have to face Olympiacos in the UCL, then face off  with an increasingly difficult Dortmund team on the 9th, Fortuna Düsseldorf on the 23rd, Leverkusen on the 30th, Mönchengladbach on the 7th of December, and so on.

Guess what! he didn’t pass the test in flying colors. Firstly, his team dispatched Olympiacos 2-0 in the Champions League, then they outclassed BVB 4-0. After the International break, another 0-4 scoreline in favor of the Bavarians. Then, a 1-2 home loss against Leverkusen and another 2-1 loss against Mönchengladbach.

But that was it, the Bavarians never tasted a loss till the end of the season. They only dropped 2 points(a 0-0 home draw against Leipzig) across games 32 games! This includes the Champions League, the DFB Pokal, and the Bundesliga.

Hansen Flick

If you extend it to the end of the given period which is the 7th of October, Flick added two more trophies to his cabinet. He oversaw tight wins over Sevilla (2-1) and BVB (3-2) to claim the UEFA Supercup and DFL Supercup respectively.

Bayern Munich Players celebrating their 2019/20 UCL triumph

That alone is a tremendous achievement in the sense that when his teams struggled in matches, he almost always made the right tactical and personnel changes that sprung results to his favour.

Hans-Dieter “Hansen” Flick may have won the league title,a trophy not that much valued as it has been Bayern’s own for the past 7 seasons in a roll. But one thing is clear, Bayern was never going to get that with their unbelievably poor run of form and results. He won the League title in a season, people thought that Bayern was finished!

Jurgen Klopp And His Mentality Monsters

The Reds were undoubtedly sensational last season albeit before the covid-19 forced stoppage. The only match that blighted their season was a Round of 16 knockouts by Diego Simeone’s extraordinarily stubborn Athletico Madrid.

They won the league with 99 points. It could have been more if the covid-19 didn’t interfere because the Reds were in red-hot form.

Some may argue that getting a team to finish 96 and 99 points in consecutive years were extraordinary achievements for a league such as the Premier League and that is no lie.

But the issue here is that between two teams who claimed their respective league trophies, something else should be used to grade them, and that comes in form of other trophies.

2. Muller’s Absence From The Best Eleven! 

Thomas Muller against Chelsea
2019/20 UCL Season

Or should it be termed Muller’s Omission from the Best Eleven?

Let’s be frank here, we all know that the English Premier is more highly rated than the Bundesliga. But still, Muller’s stats(13 goals, 21 assists) and trophies last season is almost as good as De Bruyne’s (8 goals, 20 assists).

Am a fan of De Bruyne but damn, he only won a Carabao cup last season. By contrast, Muller was pivotal in Bayern’s treble and Supercups, making it five trophies.

Muller had an overall 26 assists and 14 goals in 50 games in all competitions(40 goal involvement in 3499′ minutes).
De Bruyne on the other hand amassed 23 assists and 16 goals in 48 games(39 goal involvement in 3826′ minutes).

One may argue that Muller is mostly a second striker but one has got something that matters and that’s trophies to compliment the performance.

Muller maybe isn’t as beautiful to watch as De Bruyne is but he got the job done.

3. Manual Neuer Wins Best Goalie But Is Absent In The Best Eleven!

Manuel Neuer against PSG
UCL Final 2019/20 Season

Now there presents Manuel Neuer’s case. His is a surprising one as he was voted the Best Goalkeeper but isn’t included in the Best Eleven.

A lot of goalkeepers have very good records, but with the inclusion of trophies won, that narrows the list.
Here’s a shocker and that is, trophies aside, none of the nominees for the best goalkeepers were the best last season.

In Laliga, Levante’s Aitor Fernandez arguably was the best goalie last term. For the English Premier League, arguably, it’s Burnley’s Nick Pope or Newcastle’s Martin Dubravka. In Bundesliga, it’s arguably Mönchengladbach’s Yan Sommer or Leipzig’s Gulacsi. These goalkeepers either faced or saved the most shots in their respective leagues.

Let us now add the trophies and we have narrowed it down to:

Neuer’s stats: 45 games, 4050 minutes, 111 saves, 21 clean sheets + 5 trophies.
Courtois’s stats: 41 games, 3645 minutes, 96 saves, 20 clean sheets + 2 trophies.
Alisson’s stats: 35 games, 3083 minutes, 72 saves, 14 clean sheets + 3 trophies.

You need only look at the stats!

Keylor Navas isn’t included because he made only 21 league appearances and Szczesny only won the Serie A. Oblak didn’t have a trophy to back up his performances. All three were exceptional nonetheless.

I guess everyone can’t get what they want everytime.

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