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The market area has become so crowded that it only takes luck or what some people might prefer to refer to as Grace to transact in the space without being affected.

In the food market specifically, there are lots of dishonest activities going on ranging from; giving people goods that do not match their monetary asset, in another case we see people selling substandard goods at outrageous prices. It’s on the above premises that Jossy Deliveries came to proffer feasible Solutions.

Our Mission:

To provide everyone with an instant supply of safe, best quality foodstuffs at affordable prices without our customers having to go through the market stress or being cheated by the market, this we’ve done severally through our home delivery system and consumer protection policy.


We started operations over 5 months ago, Our being operations being Nationwide.

Within the first 10 weeks, we sold Over 19 batches of garri amounting to a total of 76 basins and 380 painters, at the rate of 7.6 basins per week. The same period, we sold 10 (25Litres each) gallons of freshly-processed palm (urhazi) oil at the rate of 1 gallon per week.

As of today, We have made over 211 Deliveries to more than 116 households.

We are determined to make all households in Nigeria and beyond have access to quality foodstuffs.

Our Activities:
  • Sales and delivery of well-processed Abakaliki rice.
  • Sales and delivery of freshly processed palm oil.
  • Sales and delivery of the best Okwo- garri.

The beauty of our business is that our customers could always be compensated anytime they aren’t satisfied with our activities. Do you want to partner with us? With our designed system of activities, you could be part of the business through our connectors. You could as well buy wholesale from us and sell to people in your area. We are open to partnerships with people all over the world, who eat to live….

Why are we the best?

They are numerous reasons why we are the best;

  • All through service times all we’ve gotten is good reviews and we are proud to say that we’ve lost no customer, they are increasingly growing every day.
  • We process the oil, rice, and garri that we supply, We do not buy from others to supply to you, we monitor the processing and give you the best.
  • With our delivery system, your orders arrive at your doorstep.
  • All we give is quality Supplies. It’s no doubt that we are your best food supply Plug.

This is Victor with Jossy Deliveries…… All we give is the best.

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+234 8144864688 or Click here

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