Marvel Confirms Star-Lord from ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Is Bisexual

Sharing “togetherness” with both Aradia and Mors on Morinus.
Marvel Studios

Marvel‘s Guardians of the Galaxy #9 has just revealed a little bit more about Peter Quill aka Star-Lord’s sexuality.

Spoilers Ahead.

Having escaped death thanks to his elemental gun, Quill is sent to a parallel universe to Morinus where he meets the humanoid aliens Aradia and Mors. One year into their travels, the two aqua-colored beings offer themselves to Quill to experience their “togetherness” to which Quill declines as he is still in search of a way to get back to Gamora.

We then jump to 12 years later at the House of Death and Rebirth where Quill has supposedly given up on his attempt to return home, embracing the two in a bath scene where Mors says, “the you-that-was is over” and that he is ready to learn their ways.

Comic book fans can expect the next issue, Guardians Of The Galaxy #10, to release early January next year.

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