Lil Loaded Shares New Song “While I’m Here” Featuring Polo G

Lil Loaded While I'm Here

Lil Loaded comes through with yet another new song titled “While I’m Here” featuring Polo G.

Over a brooding beat from producers OthelloBeats & SephGotTheWaves, the Dallas rapper implores you to give him his roses while he can still smell them: “show love while I’m here, don’t wait until I’m dead.”

Chicago rapper Polo G stops by to offer some poignant reflections on street life, lamenting “my hood looking up to me like I’m they only hope/no soldiers left behind, so I keep all my homies close.”

Quotable Lyrics

I’m from Chiraq, the streets’ll spark, no we don’t pay the hitters
Don’t give no f*ck, they send slugs through the bravest n****s
Where single moms have it hard, tryna raise a killer
Felt so much pain, keep taking drugs ’til I can’t remember
It can be your right hand mans, you never know
Dealing with these deaths, keep taking xans just to cope
Clutching on this chopper, I know you reap what you sow
Got me riding with this Drac’ like I’m signed to OVO

Lil Loaded – While I’m Here

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