Phora Shares New Song “Cupid’s Curse” Featuring Kehlani

Phora – Cupid’s Curse Feat. Kehlani
Phora Cupid's Curse

Phora Laments About Love On “Cupid’s Curse” Ft. Kehlani

Phora and Kehlani teamed up to deliver “Cupid’s Curse” where they each lamented on the joy of being in love with someone, but how agonizing the pain is when love goes wrong.

Give this track a spin and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Quotable Lyrics

I was lonely on the ground, you were right there
Went from bein’ in my dreams to my nightmares
I’ve been trapped in my thoughts so long, I can’t find love
You know what it’s like, yeah (You know what it’s like, yeah)
Late nights, you stay on my mind, yeah (Stay on my mind, yeah)
Yeah we fight, break up, then we f*ck, make up

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