Actress Maryam Charles Supports Regularization Of Social Media

The debate about whether Nigerian social media should be regulated has raged on for days. Popular Nollywood actress Maryam Charles has spoken out in support of the controversial social media bill.

Speaking via her Facebook page, the actress explained that social media has been both a blessing and a curse depending on who you ask.

She particularly decried the impact of fake news on national development and how people often take advantage of the anonymity of social media to bully people, especially celebrities.

The actress who has been vocal about a number of issues in recent times ended by asking the government not to compare how countries like China censor their social media space without implementing their own method of executing corrupt officials.

Read her post below:

“I feel like social media should be regulated…

Social media has been a blessing and a curse depending on who you ask. To spread news; for keeping in touch with friends and family, it has been a blessing. But also, to disseminate fake news for selfish purposes and to bully people, it has been a curse.

I have had my own share of fake news attacks and I know how they made me feel. Should I also share examples of when I’ve been bullied? Bullied by people who do not know me, but because of the nature of my work, they think that gives them the right to run their mouths or in this case their keyboards.

Now imagine spreading fake news all with the goal of bringing down a country and it’s elected government, imagine the ramifications. This is where I’m coming from.

Anyone who has a profile on any of the social media sites should be responsible with the information they share. Na my point be this. Celebs are humans too and we can yab anybody who attacks us, but because we know better,many of us choose to conduct ourselves as adults. No be only you get data.

If I’m not mistaken, I know Nigeria also has laws against the spread of falsehoods on the internet and I don’t think we should adopt the censorship styles of China if we cannot adopt their style of executing corrupt officials.

The govt should try and enforce the already existing laws and try and also educate the country on the need to be responsible online.”

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