Actress Omoni Oboli’s Family Mourns As Her Husband Loses Mum

The year just begun and tragedy has already struck in the family of Nollywood movie star Omoni Oboli whose husband, Nnamdi, has just lost his dearly beloved mother.

The bereaved made the news of his mother’s death public via a post shared on his Instagram page.

Nnamdi said that it is indeed the saddest day of his life as he cannot imagine not having her around him.

“Saddest day ever!!! My dear mum has passed on! I can’t imagine a moment without her being around, with her strong vibrant and ever concerned self.”

In a portion of the tribute to his late mother, Nnamdi described her as a mum like no other and a matriarch who managed to keep their family together.

“She is the mum like no other: a matriarch of the Oboli family that stood as a dividing wall between the world and us as she was like a mother hen with her chicks. Her council, strength, rigor at discipline and work ethic as legendary and appreciated by all who knew her well.”

The bereaved noted that he had so much to say about his mum as he bid her goodbye.

See his post below:

Similarly, his wife Omoni took to her official page on Instagram to mourn the passing of her mother-in-law.

Omoni noted that she will be greatly missed.

See her post below:

Read some condolence messages to the family below:


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