Adesuwa Etomi And Her Husband Banky W Flirts ‘Biblically’

Banky W and he’s beautiful wife Adesuwa are always serving us couple goals. The two lovebirds have taken to social media to romantically tease each other, using words borrowed from Bible verses.

It all started with Adesua who began by sharing a photo of Banky with some amusing but seductive caption and hash tags.

Adesua had written in her captio, “Just because… Hello fine boy, can I know you please #letmeloveyoubiblically #yourcuprunnethoverandimthirsty #iseeanointingiwillliketotap #layhandsonme# comeandknowme #okishouldstop #shamelessandimnotevensorry”

Reacting to Adesua’s biblically romantic post, Banky responded, “Feed me till I waaaant no mooooreee.”

To further make his intentions more clearer, Banky W added some thirst emojis.

And to Banky’s comment, Adesua replied, “LMAOOOO. I love the way you just get me.”

See their exchange below;

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