Aisha Yesufu Defends DJ Cuppy From Angry Fans After Saying She Has To Self Isolate Before Protesting

DJ Cuppy whose real name is Florence Otedola daughter of billionaire father Otedola has always been under the heat of the masses. Nigerians has always found one reason or the other to troll her. If it’s not her song,it’s simply because she’s privileged enough to come from wealth.

DJ has been trying her very possible best to please her fans ever since the #endSARS protest started. At first, she was reluctant to lend her voice to the cause, because according to her, the people around her told her not to get involved in the agenda. But after people started calling her out for staying silent, even after most celebrities have spoken out, and fans threatened to stop streaming her music, she finally spoke up.

As usual, She was also blasted for posting her pet Lion, when most people were busy with trending the ‘end SARS’, hashtag. She was also dragged for flaunting her wealth in people’s faces, especially in a time when the lower class masses were demanding for the barest minimum from the government.

After all the seemingly unending drama, she decided to fly into Nigeria from Dubai to join her fans for the protest. However, she posted on her Twitter page yesterday that she won’t be able to join in the protest because she has to self isolate for 7 days, as per the pandemic rules.

Twitter users are known to especially have zero chill. A twitter user wasted no time in coming down hard on her, as he said he also travelled down to Nigeria from Dubai the same day Cuppy arrived, and he is still protesting, so he basically accused her of giving excuses as to why she is not protesting. Others reacted by saying that she is rich, and even if she doesn’t join in the protest, she can help by donating to the cause because the protest needs all hands on deck. Other people however joined him in blasting her, saying she couldn’t have flown in without having conducted a covid-19 test from Dubai which is the country she claims to have flown in from. Others said she was trying to play both sides. In conclusion,a lot of Nigerians are accusing her of being a liar.

Amidst all that, Aisha Yesufu, the popular freedom fighter, who stood up to the officials in Abuja amidst flying tear gas and other projectiles, reacted to the accusations thrown at DJ Cuppy, and attempted to calm the flying words thrown around. She told them that DJ Cuppy is right, and even though people usually get tested in Dubai, they are still required to self isolate. Meaning Cuppy wasn’t trying to chicken out after all.




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