Angry Mr. Jollof Places Curse On Those Behind Poor Electricity In Nigeria After This Happened

Mr Jollof, a Nigerian comedian,recently had a lot to get off his chest about the issue of electricity in the country.

The comedian who was quite upset about the incessant darkness in Nigeria resorted to placing heavy curses on those who were behind it.

According to him, he had bought four generators in the period of one year only for all of them to develop faults. Jollof added that the latest one he bought was three months ago and it already had a problem.

To blow off steam, the comedian wished death on those making life difficult for the average Nigerian. He added that if they were using the darkness in the country as an opportunity to milk people dry, then they would be hit by a partial stroke before Christmas.

In the caption of the post, Mr Jollof said that once he has been able to relocate himself and his family to Canada, he would never step foot in his country again.

He wrote:

“The day I will relocate myself and family to Canada God forbid I come back to this cursed Nation called Nigeria. Useless country that cannot boast of Groundnut Rubbish.”

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