BBNaija’s Mike, Shares A Sad Story On How He Lost A Brother To Nigeria’s Poor Healthcare

Following the unrest happening in the country,more and more people are summing up the courage to share their various ordeals that they have experienced in Nigeria,celebrity or not.

BBNaija’s Mike Edwards,is one of them. He told a sad story of how he lost his older brother, Matthew, to Nigeria’s poor healthcare after he suffered sickle cell crisis.

He made this known through a post he made on his verified Instagram page today, October 24, 2020.

According to him, his older brother wouldn’t have died if Nigeria had a better healthcare support when he suffered sickle cell crisis at the age of 10.

Writing further, Mike Edwards said the fight to End SARS is the people’s cry for help after years of corruption and bad governance.

He wrote, “My older brother Matthew lost his life during a sickle cell crisis in Nigeria when he was 10 years old, to think if he would have been in a country with better healthcare support that his life would be saved today is heartbreaking. The fight to End SARS is our cry for help after years of corruption and bad governance.

#EndSars #HealingNigeria 🇳🇬🕯”

We pray we all heal from the loss and pain.

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