Benue Youths Murder Pastor Accused Of Stealing Members Pen!ses

Recall that it was reported that youths in Daudu community staged a protest over missing penises and they set ablaze the Divine Shadow Church belonging to Pastor Uhembe after accusing him of stealing the penises of seven men in Daudu.

According to Olikita Ekani, a media aide to Benue state governor Samuel Ortom, Pastor Uhembe Jacob was murdered and his body buried in a shallow grave.



Sharing photos of the slain pastor, Olikita wrote;

“Big Curse on Daudu land

“This is late Pastor Uhembe Jacob, the man wrongly accused of stealing people’s manhood in Daudu.

“After burning all his houses, church and all his other properties, they kidnapped, murdered him in cold blood for a sin he knew nothing about and buried his body in a shallow grave.


“His only sin was that he was making rapid progress!


“His spirit will continue to torment those murderers who perpetrated this dastardly act and Daudu will remain a cursed land until the killers are brought to justice.


“A people whose hands are stained with the blood of innocent souls will never make progress.”

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