Bobrisky Shows Of The Stunning Interior Of His Home

Controversial Nigerian cross dresser Bobrisky is never tired of being in the news. From his newly acquired phone to his car, his jewelry, outfits, and many more, Bobrisky just never gets tired.

Just a few days ago, the male barbie shared videos showing the interior of his sitting room and according to him, his personal space smells of class.

The male barbie seems to be a fan of white and gold as is evident in his living room. From the couch to the centre table, his curtains, TV stand, the controversial socialite ensured they were in white or gold or a mixture of both.

He posted a second video showing his dining area which confirmed our thoughts that white and gold may just be his favourite colours. A major attraction at his dining area is the white and gold horse gallantly standing on the dining table.

The video showed that his bar was filled with expensive bottles of wine as he panned the camera closer to flaunt some of the brands sitting on the white furniture. According to Bob, he recorded the videos simply to admire his lovely home.


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