Burna Boy Renders Apology After Being Dragged For His Tweets About Obigbo And Oyigbo Being Under Attack

Self acclaimed African giant AKA Burna boy has apologized after being called out for saying that the killing in Oyigbo was done by Fulani herdsmen.

On the 23rd of October, Burna boy raised alarm alerting the Rivers State governor that people in Oyigbo and Obigbo were under attack by Fulani herdsmen.

Following these tweets,Burna Boy was called out by a Twitter user who accused him of “hypocrisy born out of bigotry and rancor”.

Apparently, Burna Boy’s attention was drawn to the tweet and he went ahead to apologize for his insensitive tweet, revealing his in a dark place due to the ongoing crisis in the country.

He tweeted, “This is from the bottom of my soul. I did not mean any harm by what I said. I sincerely apologise for coming across that way. I’m already in a dark place inside. You are my Brother and I LOVE YOU. Please don’t be offended. We are all hurt, angry, afraid and confused right now.”

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