Coronavirus: 1024 New Cases Recorded In Nigeria

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has announced that 1024 new cases of Coronavirus were recorded in Nigeria on Sunday January 10.

The health agency gave a breakdown of the new cases as follows; Lagos-653, Plateau-63, Benue-48, Zamfara-45, FCT-42, Rivers-27, Ondo-26, Adamawa-26, Kaduna-22, Edo-18, Ogun-16, Imo-12, Kano-9, Yobe-6, Ekiti-5, Jigawa-4, Osun-2.

There are now 100,087 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in the country and 1,358 deaths have been recorded. 80,030 patients who recovered from the disease have also been discharged.

See number of cases per state below;

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