Cossy Orjiakor Announces The Only Condition To Forgive Her Ex Fiance, And It Is Hilarious

Cossy Orjiakor,a very controversial Nollywood actress,has promised to end the fight between herself and her German fiance, Abel Jurgen if he does frog jump.

One @jennylvu wrote;

Lol… street guy cossy I wonder how u ended up with this street guy…I know this guy very well for idado estate @ igboefon.

In response, Cossy wrote;

my dear I was bored…. and covid happened …met him through a friend joked about it … if he get my name tattooed I will date him. And this is what happens.

Another fan asked;

Abeg show us the frog jump videos Mek we laff small.

The actress replied;

if he do it am just gonna forgive and move on. So sometimes putting mouth in people relationship is sometimes not needed.


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