COVID-19 Is Not A Glamorous Disease Neither Is It A Hoax – Gov Sanwo-Olu Tells Lagosians

Governor Sanwo-Olu has asked Lagosians to take all the COVID-19 protocols seriously as COVID-19 is not a glamorous disease or a hoax as some people claim it is.

He stated this on his Twitter handle this morning. His tweets read;

”Lagosians, #COVID19 is not a glamorous disease, neither is it a hoax. You need to follow the safety guidelines to safeguard your friends and loved ones. In the midst of increasing #COVID19 cases, we have some good news from our Infectious Diseases Hospital.

We have activated a new oxygen plant which will help by providing much needed oxygen to patients. The plant will supplement oxygen supply to about 300 cylinders per day and 6 cylinders per hour. We are working to ensure patients receive the best care at our state facilities.

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