“Don’t Invest In Businesses. Invest In The Youths Around You” – Daddy Freeze

Controversial celebrity,daddy freeze,has made a post about the right investments to make in life.

He argues that the best investment isn’t starting a business or buying property, but lifting the poor out of poverty.

Sharing the post on his official Instagram page today being the 24th of October 2020, he says houses and businesses could be destroyed in seconds.

He wrote, “The best investment in life is not buying property or starting a business don’t let motivational speakers fvck with your mind…

The best investment is lifting the poor out of poverty.. Your houses and businesses could be destroyed in seconds if you don’t invest in uplifting the youths around you from poverty!

Secure your future, don’t invest in businesses or property or your children alone, Invest in the youths around you! ~FRZ”

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