Don’t Wait For An Independent Woman To Make Demands – Juliet Ibrahim Advises Men

Top Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim, recently shared a word of advice on social media.

According to the actress, men who were in relationships with independent women need to know how to do things for them without waiting to be asked.

Stating her reason, the film star continued that such women would not ask and just go ahead to sort themselves.

The stunning movie star accompanied her caption with beautiful photos of herself in a beach hat and a cute dress.

She wrote:

“If you’re dating an independent female you just gotta do things for her without asking or waiting for her to ask because she’ll do it herself.”

See the post below:

Fans took to took to the comments section either to agree or disagree. Below are some of the comments gathered;


“I’d just let her do it herself…. I’m independent too and I don’t like when people invade my plans. I’m sure she already planned to do whatever it is.”

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