Elites Threaten Kiddwaya For Denouncing Being In A Relationship With Erica

These fans hold thier faves at very high esteem and are ready to go  the extra miles for them.

Elites as Fans of BBNaija star Erica are called, has dragged and threatened her supposed boyfriend Kiddwaya over an interview he claimed he doesn’t have a love life and he’s still trying to find love.

Kiddwaya who has revealed he doesn’t want a commitment now in an interview rejected Erica as his girlfriend after all that we have been seeing them do on social media.

According to him, he doesn’t think he has a love life and he’s still trying to find love hence when the time is due for him to get a girlfriend or get married he will denouncing Erica.

Some elites weren’t pleased with how Kiddwaya denounced their queen Erica in the interview hence dragged him and threatened to dragged him and his entire family including his dead grandmother.

Screenshot below;

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