#Elon Musk: Success Is Not Measured By Money Alone – Omotola Jalade

Talented Nollywood actress and filmmaker, Omotola Jalade Ekeinde, has taken to social media to weigh in on the conversation surrounding Elon Musk’s belief in atheism and his new status as the world’s richest man.

Twitter user, Ben, had used Elon Musk’s success to take a swipe at Christians who often sow seeds and first fruits in church.

In her words:

“Success is not measured by Money ALONE. You can be the richest in the world and have No joy , purpose or fulfilment… be empty. Why not do all? Be innovative, spiritual and make your money… very possible.”

Another Twitter user, Demola, tried to counter her point, stating that he could never feel empty with $190 billion.

To this, she responded:

“Lol… when you have it , you’ll realize it’s no big deal. You’ll then want more… Have you seen ppl you think have it all go into depression, take their lives… Money will NEVER be enough.”

After several months, Elon Musk of Tesla finally became the richest man on the planet, displacing Amazon Boss Jeff Bezos.

What made that possible was a 4.8% share price increase of Tesla Inc on Thursday, January 7, which secured Elon’s first place among the world’s 500 richest people, Bloomberg reports.

As of 04:16 pm, the co-owner of the electronic car company was worth $188.5 billion (N71,856,200,000,000.02) as he made a gain of $1.5 billion (N571,800,000,000) over the Amazon chief.

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