#EndSARS: Angry Mob Sets Sanwo-Olu’s Family Home Ablaze

The family home of Lagos State governor,Babajide Sanwo-Olu at Omididun street, Lagos Island was surrounded by Irate youths, today, Wednesday October 21, they threw stones at the house.

Eyewitnesses told The PUNCH that one of the youths holding a jerry can of petrol was seen soaking the house in petrol but was quickly stopped by residents for fear that the fire could spread uncontrollably.

The eyewitness, who wished to remain anonymous, said;

“Around 7.45am, angry youths gathered around Sanwo-Olu’s family home on Omididun Street, Lagos Island, throwing stones and shattering glasses.

“One of the youths poured petrol on the building but was immediately prevented from setting it ablaze because the fire could spread and lead to loss of lives.”

It was learnt that policemen attached to the Adeniji Adele Police Station had raced to the scene in a bid to quell the violence.

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