#EndSARS: OBA Of Lagos Reveals Consequences To Be Faced By Hoolums Should They Fail To Return His Staff

The Palace of Oba of Lagos, Riliwan Akiolu which was raided by hoodlums following the #EndSARS protest across the country which has led to chaos.

The hoodlums who had carted away with the Staff of office of the king, had been warned by representative of the ruling house that attacking an ancestral Palace and carting away with the Staff of office was a very terrible thing to do

However, the family of the ruling house are still sending warnings to the hoodlums who are still in custody of the Staff of office to return it as there are traditional consequence to face for failure to return it.

Below reads the statement;

“Though we are in total support of the peaceful protest of the Nigerian youths tagged: #EndSARS #EndPoliceBrutality, we, Lagosians condemn with all sense of responsibility the gruesome murder of Nigerians, the hijack of the peaceful protest by hoodlums, destruction of  public infrastructural facilities and property across the nation.

“We also condemn the looting of our traditional and ancestral heritage as it relates to the Oba of Lagos Palace; especially the carting away of the staff of office. We will not allow miscreants to destroy our Lagos ‘Onilu Onije Otu’.

“The acts of these elements are sacrilegious, taboo and abomination to the Yoruba race. These nefarious misfits’ conducts could lead to mayhem in the land if not timely checked and tranquility restored.

“We hereby call on the paramount Apena of Oshugbo, Opa, Akala and other traditional heads and custodians to immediately secure the Oba’s palace from further attack(s) in order to save the face of our traditional stool.

“The royal house, however called for the return of the stolen staff of authority to be deposited at the Apena of Lagos within 24 hours or the deviants will face the consequences of their action. A word is enough for the wise.”

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