Expect Aftermath Consequences Following #EndSARS Protest-NDDC

The Director-General of the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, Dr Chike Ihekweazu has revealed that the consequences of the#EndSARS protest across the country following the Covid-19 pandemic will be out in two weeks time.

He added that the curfew which was imposed by state governments to slow down looting of warehouses and destruction of properties had slowed down testing for Covid-19, revealed they had to stop stop posting results on their social media handles out of respect for victims of the Incidents of the past days

He noted that the consequences are unavoidable and advised Nigerians to play their part to prevent such consequences.

He said;

“Forty to 60 per cent of our testing cases are reported from Lagos. Our labs in Lagos have not been able to perform as they normally would for the past two to three weeks.

“As we move into the next two weeks, it will not take a rocket scientist to know that we have to watch the numbers very carefully.

“The reasons are obvious; we have gathered in our masses for whatever reason and for now, we have to keep our eyes open for the potential consequences. Those consequences are not inevitable; we can still do our part to prevent them.

“We cannot let down our guards; we cannot afford to add this to the many challenges that we have. Many states have done well by raising their testing capacity. So, we must stay on the ball.”

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