Funny Toheeb Recreates Cardi B’s Outfit And It Is Hilarious (Photo)

Funny Toheeb is One Nigerian comedian who has stood out on social media, as he has been able to entertain people with his funny recreations.

The young man who has been known to recreate million dollar looks with cheap materials recently had another go at his craft using popular American rapper, Cardi B, as his muse.

In no time, Toheeb took to his page to share a photo of his own remake of the look and fans seemed quite impressed.

To replicate Cardi’s leather top, the comedian wore two pieces of nylon bags on his chest. He also used ribbons and nylons to replicate her leather pants and boots. The young man then topped it all up by carrying a bag that he redecorated with the LV sign.

See his post below:


While a number of Nigerian celebs took to the comment section to laugh at his creation, others resorted to tagging the American star to his post.

Nice one.

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