‘Government Policies Devastating Us More Than The Covid-19’- Workers Grieve Over Petrol Hike

Following the recent hike in the price of fuel,the Federation of Informal Workers’ Organization of Nigeria, has chided the Federal Government over failure to stop petrol importation, pointing out that Muhammedu Buhari regime had not fulfilled its promise to boost local refinery of petroleum products.

The union grieved over the impact of the continuous hike of fuel pump prices on Nigerians, especially the workers in the informal sector, noting that the government policies had devastated them more than COVID-19.

Addressing a news conference in Abuja on Friday, the General Secretary, FIWON, Mr Gbenga Komolafe, noted that informal workers did not benefit from the COVID-palliatives shared by the government.

According to him, workers engaged in agriculture, food production and supply chains, artisans and others have been severely impacted by the pandemic, adding that many of them found it difficult to get back to business months after the lockdown had been eased.

Commenting on the latest fuel pump hike, Komolafe stated, “It is a shame and it remains an open sore that Nigeria as an oil-producing country could be importing fuel and we believe the Buhari administration has failed in this regard.

“The promise to revamp the economy and stop fuel importation is one of the reasons we voted for this government. The government should also invest in refineries like other OPEC (Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries). Even, South Africa which is not an oil-producing country has a refinery.

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