‘Hoarding Palliatives Is A Crime’- Femi Falana Appeals To State Govts

Femi Falana (SAN), Human Rights Lawyer, in an interview on Monday with Arise TV, monitored by The Punch, has appealed to states still ‘hoarding’ COVID-19 palliatives, at different warehouses across the country to distribute the relief items to citizens immediately.

Describing the act of hoarding food items which was meant to be distributed as ‘crime against humanity’.

The food items were donated to states by the Private Sector Coalition Against COVID-19 (CACOVID), during the lockdown of the pandemic.

Falana said;

“It is almost like a crime against humanity just as some public officers have diverted money meant for providing palliatives for internally displaced persons.

“I mean you ask yourself, what level of stealing is this? And so, this is why we are worried that the members of the ruling class in Nigeria will have to have a rethink that there are certain areas you must not get to in looting the treasuries of the country.

“Again, I want to appeal here for warehouses that have not been touched. If palliatives have been stored, I want to appeal to all the state governors in Nigeria to emulate the example of the Sokoto State governor that simply, in the view of this challenge, distributed the items.

“How can a government hoard indomie? It’s intolerable. It’s provocative. Our government will have to apologise to the Nigerian people.”

The PUNCH had earlier reported that thousands of looters had over the weekend invaded several warehouses where COVID-19 palliatives were believed to have been stored and carted away food items before the arrival of security operatives.

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