“If You Believe Everything You See On SM, You’re A Mumu” – Actress Belinda Effah

Social media is a place of entertainment. Some enter social media so they can be distracted from life problems. While some flash every aspect if their life on social media,others only show the rosy moments.

Talented Nollywood actress, Belinda Effah, has a word of advice for her fans about this.

The screen diva stated that anyone who believed everything they saw online was not a wise person as things are not always as they seem.

The movie star also said that if people only constantly posted their best sides without showing the bad or their struggles, they were fake.

The Nollywood star conclusively said that nobody fell from the sky, therefore it cannot be rosy for everyone at all times.

She wrote:

“If you believe everything you see on social media then you are a mumu. If people only post their best sides and never their failures or struggles . Then it’s all fake. No one dropped from the sky.”

See her tweet below:


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