Ifu Ennada Reveals Plans To Hire A Man For Valentine, Fans React

The year just begun and While people are still looking for the salary they would spend till the end of the month, some people are already in the mood to be spoiled in February.

Big Brother Naija reality star, Ifu Ennada, has disclosed her plans to feel wanted and loved on Valentine’s day.

According to the post she shared on her Instagram story, Ifu mentioned that she has always spent Valentine’s day working and on her own.

The reality star continued by saying that this year had to be different because she would hire a man if she had to, send him gifts for her, and have him act like a secret admirer.

The entrepreneur also said that she did not want to believe that she was cursed, and would create something she did not have if she wanted it.

Nigerians expressed their views over the reality star’s statement.


“Dear God, please bless Ifu with a man so we can hear word.”


“Someone should marry this lady please.”


“I’m sorry to say but this girl is desperate for love.”


“Hire a man, na wetin dey my mind self so my friends go do awww aww for me this 2021.”


“Ifu, this your hustle for husband this year must pay, in Jesus name, Amen.”

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