IG Comedian, Paul Scata Reveals How His Late Father Warned Him About Bobrisky

Up and coming Instagram comedian Paul Scata, has revealed that his father misjudged his on-screen character for a lesbian as he posed in full breast and other female costumes.

The comedian disclosed in a recent interview that his late father mistook him for Bobrisky when he started appearing in female costume for his comic roles. He stated that his father warned him to stay away from crossdressers.

In his words: “My father died a month ago but when he saw me on wig for the first time, he was shocked and confused. He summoned me and asked if I want to become Bobrisky, I had to take my time to explain to him that it was just comedy skits that I am straight. Even after the shoot and editing, I took the clips back to him to see and vet. He liked it and started supporting me. For my mother, she has always been my backbone.”

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