“I’m Still Mrs Faani And Expecting My Fourth Child” – Chacha Eke

Beautiful Nollywood Actress Chacha Eke took to her Instagram and YouTube pages to announce that she is pregnant with her fourth child.

She stated that her pregnancy is the reason for her Bipolar Disorder and that anytime she is pregnant, she does weird and bizarre things, like the video she made and posted some days back about walking away from her marriage.

Chacha while clearing the air and explaining what led to her making the controversial video, said: “I heard myself saying crazy things, like I am leaving my husband. I am not leaving my husband, I will never leave my husband and my children and my home. My family, having a home, being Mrs.Faani and mother to the beautiful children God has given me is too much blessings to take for granted.

And so, I say this to as many as are out there, I didn’t leave my home and I am not leaving”, she said.

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