“I’m Your Mother Ire” – Toyin Abraham Reminds Her Son After This Happened

Toyin Abraham has been spotted spending time with her family days after the #endsars protest got disrupted. The actress was actively involved in the protests as she took to the streets to call for an end to police brutality against Nigerian youths.

Recently, her actor husband Kolawole Ajeyemi took to his Instagram page to share a video of the family stepping out. In the video, Kolawole held his one-year-old son Ire’s hands. His grown-up daughter was also spotted as they took a stroll.

Toyin appears to be the one behind the camera as she is not seen in the video but her voice is being heard.

As the father and son walk ahead, the actress calls out to his adorable son and he ignores her. She keeps calling out to him but he would not answer.

Even when she reminds him that she is his mother, Ire continues to walk with his father who burst into laughter as soon as he hears his wife trying to guilt-trip their son.

Watch the adorable video below:


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