Insecurity: Be Thankful Bombs Don’t Go Off Daily Anymore, Femi Adesina Tells Nigerians (Video)

Senior Special Adviser to President Buhari, Femi Adesina has asked Nigerians to be thankful that bombings in the country does not happen on a daily basis.

Adesina said this while reacting to the concerns by Nigerians about the upsurge of insecurity in the country during an interview on Channels Television’s ‘Sunday Politics’.

The media aide revealed that the country had recorded six bombs in one day but since President Buhari took office, the bombings and killings have decreased.

He said,

“Yes, there are times, a week, two weeks even a month that you don’t have all these things happening.

There was a time in the immediate past when they happened daily several times.

You talked of one bombing within three or four days. There was a time in this country when bombs went off like firecrackers every day.

“There could be five, six bombings in one day. Now, you can have two, three months with no single case of bombing.

Let’s be thankful for small mercies. Any mercies we receive, let’s be thankful for it, and let’s not dwell on negatives alone.

“Life is taking the rough and smooth together.

So, sometimes we see when things go on for days, for weeks with no negative developments, let us emphasise those ones… We have challenges but these are not the constants in the country.”

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