Jaruma Refers To Most Of The Pro-Sars Thugs As ‘Weaponised Illiterates’. See Details

Jaruma, a Dubai-based Nigerian sex therapist, whose actual name is Hauwa Saidu Mohammed , has said that the thugs protesting against #EndSARS, are mostly illiterates who do not understand English.

Jaruma stated this after having a phone conversation with Adamu Garba and tackling him for “misleading” Northerners by telling them that even though Buhari is not working and nothing in the country is working, that Northerners should unite and stand firm with Buhari.

According to the sex therapist, organizers of the Pro SARS protests might have told the thugs that Christians are trying to unseat Buhari.

“The truth is that most of these thugs in Abuja don’t understand English and don’t know why people are protesting. They may have told them it’s Christians trying to unseat Buhari. They have weaponised illiteracy.” she wrote.

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