Jigawa And Kaduna State Governments Order Closure Of Schools Over Rising COVID19 Cases

The government of Jigawa and Kaduna states has ordered the closure of public and private primary and secondary schools across the state.

The order was given by the state governments following rising cases of coronavirus in the states,the order is to become effective Wednesday, December 16.

In a statement released by Rabiu Adamu, Jigawa state acting Permanent Secretary at the State Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, advises both parents and guardians to get ready to withdraw their wards and children back home from Wednesday, especially those in boarding schools.

Also, the Kaduna state Commissioner for Education, Dr. Shehu Makarfi, in a statement released, says the ministry decided to shut down the schools due to the rising cases of COVID19 infections in the state.

According to Makarfi, the rising cases of COVID19 showed a replicate of figures recorded in the first wave of the pandemic in April, May, and June 2020, indicating that a new wave of the infection is rapidly spreading across the state.

He noted that the State’s Ministry of Health has further confirmed that while the infections cut across age groups, the new wave especially, affects those between 10 and 35 years (which form a majority of the populace in the education sector).

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