Junior Pope Asks Nigerians Not To Expect Anything From Leaders They Sold Their Votes To

Nollywood actor, Jnr Pope has basically used the phrase “you can’t eat your cake and have it” on Nigerians as he has asked Nigerians not to expect anything from same government they sold their votes to.

He shared this opinion on a tweet he made on 25th of October 2020. This is coming as a result of the looting of several warehouses across Nigeria stocked up with Covid-19 palliatives.

According to him, the people’s rights to dividends of democracy have been bought over the moment they sold their votes during past elections that saw the emergence of the current political leaders in power.

He ended his piece by advising Nigerians who sold their votes not to expect anything from the leaders they sold their votes to.

He tweeted “Why Will They Give You Palliatives Specifically Meant For You When Actually They Paid You Off To Have Your Votes……. (in other words; you have sold your palliatives)…….. And As Such Shouldn’t Be Expecting Anything From The Leaders You Sold Your Votes To……. 2023 I Run”

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