Kate Henshaw Shares Inspirational Post This Morning

Veteran Nollywood actress Kate Henshaw seems to now be a source of motivation among Nigerian youth and fans across the globe as she continue to inspire and motivate the average individual of overcoming any obstacle thrown in their way.

The 49-year-old actress from Calabar was in the news recently attacking every aspect of the system in Nigeria saying the system makes life a ‘living hell’ in the country for an average Nigerian.

She has now taken upon herself to use her social media platforms to ‘bring the government to its toes’ as well as motivating the youth of a ‘better tomorrow’. In her recent post on Twitter, she wrote,

Good morning my people…. Trust you slept well… Anybody wey say your water no go boil, no go see water boil.. It is well with us no matter the obstacles thrown our way… Victory will be ours cos God no dey sleep…. Have a blessed day and be safe .

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