Kiddwaya Advises Against Hate In New Post

Big brother naija Ex-housemate , Kiddwaya has said hate is the one thing destroying a lot of people.

The reality tv star who is recuperating after being hospitalized over a short illness has taken to social media to speak on the hate given him both on and off social media.

His time at the hospital has given him a new perspective and more insight on being a better human being i.e giving more love to the people regardless of the hate meted at him.

Taking to Twitter, he wrote;

The truth is. I love everyone. Weather you hate me or love me I still love you. Because at the end of the day when your by yourself in hospital sick. You look back and think. Why do I hate this person? In the long run it really isn’t worth it. Hate is a silent killer.

See the tweet below;

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