Kiddwaya Reveals How Motivated He Is After Partying All Night With The Prince Of Dubai

Reality tv star, Kiddwaya, has revealed the reason behind his new found motivation all the way from Dubai.

In a tweet he shared recently, Kiddwaya disclosed that he partied with the Prince of Dubai till early morning and he left feeling very motivated.

The reality star also mentioned that the kind of people he met at the event have opened his eyes.

“Omooo. I partied with the king of Dubai’s son last night till early morning. Ngl I’m very motivated. The kind of people I met yesterday has opened my eye.”

Kiddwaya’s tweet however sparked different reactions and comments from Nigerians.

@Uzochukwuwisdo2 commented:

“Dude, really could literally just have said the prince of dubai, what’s with “king of dubai’s son” title. Aiit I’m done y’all can crucify me now.”

@Justcoolfm wrote:

“Werey you don’t even knw the name of who you partied with…e say na king of Dubai son. it’s either Nasir or Bashir. Some of us are more wayad than you think kidd.”


“A King’s son is a Prince. Besides, I’m still trying to figure out the “Ng”. That’s not forgetting that for the sake of concord, “has” is contextually inappropriate. More so, “eye” is wrong too.”

@Awomanofpeace commented:

“So why are you now telling us?”

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