Kwara State Gov. Meets With Owners Of Looted Businesses, Promises To Support Them

Following the Friday looting of public and and private businesses, in Kwara state. Kwara state governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq has met with owners of the businesses affected and has assured them of government’s support to get them back on their tracks.

In a meeting with the business owners late Monday, the governor enjoined them to register on the state website as he had earlier announced N500m recovery funds to assist them, adding that modalities have been set in place to ensure only persons with genuine cases benefit.

“Your sector is really important to this government. That is why we decided to engage you when we saw what happened to bring you back as quickly as possible,” he said, reiterating that small and medium scale businesses are key to economic development

“On our part we have the modalities for what we want to do. That is why we asked you to go to the website and fill the form. We mentioned a number as the amount to assist you. It could be more than that. It may be lower than that. But that is the benchmark. When we look at the data you send in and your claims, we will decide who to give grant to and those we will give interest-free loan to.

“We are also talking to one or two banks to make funds available for interest-free loans, with long term repayment plans.”

He condemned the attempts to politicise the incident from some quarters, adding that whatever political ambitions anyone may have are achievable only in a stable and peaceful environment.

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