Mr Orezi Blows Hot, Demands That Nigerian Politicians Be Locked Up

Mr Orezi has come out to drag the Nigerian politicians since the recent unrest in the country.

The young musician took to his Instagram page to lash out about the state of governance in Nigeria. He used the medium to also urge citizens of the country to get their voters cards ahead of the 2023 election.

He wrote,

“The only reason this politician do this and have the nerve to sleep well at night is because they are not sleeping in kirikiri yet, they commit all this sorts of crimes against the same people who put them in power, oppress them and the judiciary system stills favours them.

“I repeat untill our politicians start going to jail for all this broad day light crimes with evidences staring at us in the eye Nigeria will never be great.

“this past week has been my worst as a Nigerian living in Nigeria, I have been sad, angry, pained, cried, I can’t mehn !! Tired God give us the strength !! Its not easy, everybody go get your pvc !! Na the only way oooo.”

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