Nigeria Can Only Get Worse – Cubana Chiefpriest

Self acclaimed celebrity barman,Cubana Chiefpriest has been a strong voice to issues concerning Nigeria and the COVID-19 palliative looting was not exempted.

He shared his thoughts about the ongoing nationwide looting on his Instagram page. He expressed his concerns over the belief people have in a government to cater for their needs. Same government who according to him, can not provide ordinary ‘indomie’ for the masses.

He also spoke about the rise in the price of a bag of rice in Nigeria which is now ten times over the price for a bag of cement. The summary of his post is a stirring of hopelessness and uncertainty over a government who allegedly refused to distribute palliatives to its citizens in a time of need.

He also hammered on the fact that people should not expect much from a government who refused to give its citizens what is rightfully theirs.

Read the post below:

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