Nigerian Cross-Dresser, James Brown Rejoices As Court Dismisses Homosexuality Case Against Him

It was a time of jubilation for controversial Nigerian cross dresser, Obialor James Brown. The young man revealed that his homosexuality court case had finally been dismissed after two long years.

If you can remember, James Brown went viral on social media two years ago when videos of him made the rounds on the internet. In the videos, the young man was paraded alongside other alleged criminals and he was accused of being gay. James made sure his voice was heard during the parade as he kept on saying ‘they didn’t caught me’, a statement that later made him famous on the gram.

In a fresh post shared on his Instagram story, James Brown shared the good news of his freedom with his growing fans. The young man said that after two years, the homosexuality case against him had been dismissed by the court.

See his video below:

The entertainer also took the celebration to his page where he shared series of photos and told fans that he was now free like a bird.

He wrote:

“I’m free like a bird. HOMOSEXUALITY CASE CLOSED. Congratulations to 57 runway boys we won (we no be gay).”

Well,that’s interesting…

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