Nigerian Lady Vows To Drag Anybody That Disrespects Wizkid Like ‘Tiger Gen’

Fans do the most. A Nigerian lady identified as Adeola has vowed to fire back at anybody who tries to disrespect her fave, Wizkid. Adeola noted that Wizkid is her fave and if anyone comes for him, then they are also coming for her and she will fight back.

She said in the video;

“Don’t disrespect Wizkid, don’t mess with Wizkid. Cause if you mess with Wizkid, you disrespect Wizkid, you messing with Adeola. If you disrespect and you mess with Star boy, you messing with Star girl.

Yes you heard me right and that’s on period. I’m going to drag you like tiger gen. I don’t even know if you know what tiger gen means. I’m not okay oh”.

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