Obsessed Fan Starts Dressing Like Banky W In An Attempt To Get His Attention

A Nigerian man identified as Uncle Banky on social media has caught the attention of fans with his interesting mission to meet one of the country’s biggest music stars.

Uncle Banky seems to be a strong fan of singer Bankole Wellington aka Banky W and has been doing all in his capacity to get the attention of the singer.

Well, after years of several attempts, Uncle Banky has now come up with a new and interesting way of achieving his goal of meeting the singer.

The young man looks out for some simple outfits won by the singer and recreates the complete look. Uncle Banky goes the extra mile of also accessorising just like the singer and getting similar footwear won by him.

He completes his attempt by creating a collage of himself and the singer and goes on to share it on social media.

Sharing one of the photos, he said:

“Who rocked it better #challenge……. Bigbro or Lil bro?? @bankywellington or @unclebanky???…. been trying to get Bigbro’s attention for years now I hope this gets to him….wedding self I begged for invitation I dint get,,, now just a Hi will do bigbro….. #banky lookalike”

See his posts below:

Nigerians who have come across the post have also joined the young man in tagging the official handle of the singer with the hopes of getting noticed by him.

Read some of the comments;


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