Reason Why Pres. Buhari Never Mentioned The Lekki Massacre During His Address To The Nation

President Muhammadu Buhari who had completely avoided the Lekki massacre while addressing the nation on October 22, until incidents reported were investigated, appeals to everyone across the country to maintain peace and brotherhood as the machinery of the government and the wheel of justice turn against the perpetrators of murder, arson, stealing, rape, assault and malicious damage to public and private properties.

The president pledges his full support to see that help give justice to peaceful protesters who lost their lives, security men who were murdered and property owners whose assets were vandalized and looted.

He went ahead to advise that peace, brotherhood, and inter communal harmony to reign, which are central to our ethos and urges Nigerians “not to turn against one another in hate.”

He also added that it is important that the police and other security agencies move everywhere to restore calm and normalcy as quickly as possible.

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