Regina Daniels Gives The Perfect Reply To Trolls Dragging Her

Regina Daniels has got to be one of the most trolled Nigerian celeb. It seems the disdain towards her has to do with her decision to marry a man who is old enough to be her grandfather.

With or without any provocation, these trolls descend on her on social media and tear her apart at the least chance they get. These trolls came at her once again when Angel Mark comedy skit star, Emmanuella Samuel reportedly built a house for her mother.

They started dragging Regina’s name in the mud once again saying she also has to build one for her mom before congratulating the little girl (apparently, Regina Daniels congratulated Emmnella for her feat). Oblivious to some of them, Regina Daniels built one for her mom last year but prejudice and ignorance have prevented from finding out this fact.

Regina never replied to their trolls but dropped this cryptic message. See below;

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