Returning Looted Goods May Not Save A Looter From Being Prosecuted- FCT Commissioner Of Police

According to the FCT Command, Commissioner of Police, Bala Ciroma, in an interview with NTA, returning looted items stolen from warehouses storing Covid-19 palliatives may not save a looter from being prosecuted.

He revealed this today, Wednesday October 28.

The commissioner made it clear that returning a stolen item doesn’t change the fact that stealing still remains a crime in the country.

Already it has been reported that hoodlums looted private and public warehouses in the FCT on Monday and Tuesday, meanwhile the authorities have appealed to the looters to return the stolen items.

The commissioner stated;

“In a situation where people come to return goods, the fact remains did you commit an offence or not? We will get our legal experts to look at it and we will decide what to do with it.

We will conclude our investigations and the legal experts will look at it accordingly but the fact remains that a crime has been committed.”

He also revealed that the police have been able to arrest some of the perpetrators and some items recovered.

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